brandee’s Testimonials

Brandee is a trailblazer when it comes to researching ways to elevate our evolutionary landscape. She’s a witty and intelligent woman who seeks to bring a voice to the people and share stories that inspire her audience as well giving them many take aways to empower and enrich their lives. Thank you for your devotion and continuous dedication to see our world brighter and more lit. Sleeping giants awake. 
– Shaman Durek
6th generation shaman, spiritual guide, and healer
Brandee Sabella carries the frequencies of  authenticity, brilliance, passion and the enthusiasm to lift others to activate their potential. Being a visionary, she lives outside of the status quo allowing her dreams to manifest. Brandee is spiritually contagious!
– Michael B Beckwith
Founder & Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center
Brandee is one of the rare individuals who is as effective on Earth as she is on the astral plane. Most people seem to find their home in one realm or another. Brandee traverses all dimensions with equal grace and agility.
Living as she does in this world of infinite possibilities, Brandee is able to manifest the most remarkable, unprecedented things. She even found her lost ring in the middle of crashing waves in a huge stormy ocean!
She will ask any question, pursue any path, so long as it is aligned with her unshakable and absolute commitment to service for the planet and all living beings.
I can only imagine the bounty of innovation that will emerge from Brandeeland. Her bold inquiry, gracious disposition and light hearted humor will bring out something unexpected in all her guests. She has a way of seeing past our roles into our essence, always inviting us to be our best selves.
I have no doubt Brandeeland will be fun, touching, unique and transformative – for her guests as well as listeners.
– Kimberly Carter Gamble
Co-Creator of Thrive Movie and Movement
Get around Brandee Sabella any way that you can – in person or on podcast. You’ll love it. You’ll love her. And you’ll love what you learn.
Brandee is fun and she’s deep. She’s wide-ranging and she’s cutting-edge in her interests and pursuits. Her bold open-mindedness allows her to go anywhere in truth-seeking conversations and then to ground the exploration into meaningful and useful action.
See you in Brandeeland!
– Foster Gamble,
Co-Creator of Thrive Movie and Movement
I have known Brandee since 2014. What can I say about someone who is as amazing as she is. She has the gift of being spiritually awake and aware combined with an incredibly loving heart. This combination not only yields a tremendous personality but also inherent in it lies the ability to heal many hearts. She was my wife at one point and will be my friend and business associate for the rest of our lives. I’m sure you will love Brandee as much as I have come to love her.

– Gerard Powell
CEO of Rythmia Life Advancement Center