Brandee Sabella is a service-driven entrepreneur, speaker, activist, transformational entertainment artist, and women’s empowerment leader.
She is the Co-Creator of Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, a leading life program that infuses ancient and modern wisdom, plant medicine, and breakthrough technologies for healing and awakening to one’s highest potential.

Brandee is the Founder of Majesty, a modern-day mystery school that empowers women through retreats at sacred sites around the world. She also founded the MEWE Club, a mastermind group of conscious entrepreneurs, disruptors, artists, and influencers engaged in mission-driven businesses and projects to heal and transform the world.

When you dance to your own rhythm, people may not understand you; they may even hate you. But mostly they’ll wish they had the courage to do the same.

– Stevie Nicks

Brandee currently hosts the Brandee Land podcast where she’s having inspiring, magical, and raw conversations on the sometimes controversial subjects of healing, self-development, and culture-shifting with some of the world’s top thinkers, game-changers, and leaders. She also hosts the Rythmia podcast where she interviews people who have miraculous stories of healing with ayahuasca.
Brandee is on a mission to heal and awaken people to their highest potential. Her transformational programs include the progressive plant medicine and leading-edge holistic therapies that helped her survive and heal after a deeply traumatic childhood. After her father’s suicide when she was six years old, Brandee grew up with a meth-addicted single mother who was in and out of prison. Her mother’s struggles inspired Brandee to create a life-transformation program called Sleeping Giants and work with people transitioning from prison.
Prior to Rythmia, Brandee owned Satya Global and Beanstalk Marketing Group. Her companies specialized in business incubation, product development, and marketing for products on television, internet, and retail worldwide such as the kid’s DJ product Beamz with rapper Flo Rida, Tony Robbins’ products and seminars, and Guthy-Renker brands.
Brandee was a producer of The Reality of Truth, a film starring Michelle Rodriguez, Deepak Chopra, and Ram Dass. She continues to create inspiring and informative content by producing entertainment projects that make a positive impact.

Brandee helps individuals break through their limitations, unleash their power, find their tribe, and embrace their calling. She’s passionate about
supporting world-changing entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders to inspire a movement through mission-driven business, projects, art, and media.

Brandee believes we are all Giants and that every one of us plays an important role in the evolution of our planet. She is here to inspire people to live, love and serve.